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Noni Powder

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Noni is best and most nutritionally sound when it is pure. A powdered form of the pulp is made in one of two ways. 

It can be freeze-dried, which generally uses the whole fruit, or the raw pulp can be dehydrated. By whichever means 

the dried fruit is produced, it is then ground into a powder. The powder can be purchased in bulk by weight or packed 

into capsules and taken as a supplement. The powder is not water-soluble, but many add it to fruit and yogurt for a 

nutrient-dense power smoothie. There are also juices available which are made from a concentrated extract of the pulp. 



1.Noni Powder can lower blood pressure,decrease blood sugar.

2.Noni Powder can enhance cellular health and body's immune function.

3. Noni Powder can antiviral,reducing blood fat.

4. Noni Powder can anti-fatigue, increase the body's exercise capacity.

5. Noni Powder can act as anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Reduce arthritis symptoms.

6. Noni Powder has anti-bacterial properties that can protect against digestive and damage.


7.Noni Powder has antioxidant activity and protection of cardiomyocytes.



(1). Applied in food field.


(2). Applied in health product field.


(3). Applied in cosmetic field.