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Peanut Powder

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Peanut powder is peanut oil residue after drying, crushed powder made. Peanut flour is one of the organic 

nitrogen sources for microbial growth, rich in protein, trace elements, also contains a small amount of peanut oil.


Main Function

 Peanut rich in linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, is particularly beneficial to the body's absorption 

and digestion, linoleic acid can not be synthesized in the human body, but to regulate the body's physiological function, 

promote growth and development, cholesterol degradation, prevention Hypertension and atherosclerosis play an important role. 

Peanut protein amino acid more complete, its content is higher than animal protein, and does not contain cholesterol, 

is a high-quality plant protein.



*Applied in food additive,beverages and milk field.

*Applied in health care products field.