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Black Currant Powder

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Black currant (Ribes nigrum) is a species of ribes berry native to central and northern Europe and northern Asia. 

Black currant fruits are a good source of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Black currant fruits have 

diuretic and diaphoretic actions, help to increase bodily resistance to infections.

Black currant powder like bilberry, is rich in anthocyanidins. The roles of anthocyanidins pigments as medicinal 

agents have been well-accepted dogma in folk medicine throughout the world, in fact, these pigments are linked 

to an amazingly broad-based range of health benefits. anthocyanidins are bioactive substances with good antioxidant function.


1. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, strengthen the body immunity;

2. Lower serum cholesterol, soften the blood vessel and prevent arteriosclerosis;

3. Maintain eye health, promote the blood microcirculation of eye and alleviate eyestrain.



Black currant powder applied in food,drink mix, infant food, dairy product, bakery, candy and others.

Black currant powder is also widely used as natural coloring.Colors in ice cream, cakes and others.