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Longan Pulp Powder

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Longan Pulp Powder contains glucose, sucrose and vitamins A, B and other nutrients, which contain more protein, 

fat and a variety of minerals. These nutrients are essential to the human body.

Longan Pulp Powder is prescribed as a tonic and for the treatment of forgetfulness, insomnia, or palpitations caused 

by fright in traditional Chinese medicine.


1.Longan Pulp Powder has tonifying heart and spleen,nourishing the blood and tranquilization.

2.Longan Pulp Powder is used for deficiency of qi and blood, heart palpitations, insomnia, and blood deficiency.

3.Longan Pulp Powder can reducing blood fat,Increase coronary blood flow,anti-aging.

4.Longan Pulp Powder can activate blood circulation and promote physical recovery.

5.Longan Pulp Powder can moistening lung to arrest cough,anti-microbial.



1.Applied in food field, it is usually used as food,beverage additive;

2.Applied in health product field;