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Kojic Acid

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Kojic acid The chemical name is 5- hydroxy -2- hydroxymethyl - 1,4 - pyranone,

kojic acid is in the brewing of soy sauce, bean paste and wine.

The existence of kojic acid can be detected in many fermented products fermented by aspergillus.


Kojic acid is a kind of specialized inhibitor for melanin. It can prevent the tyrosinase activity through 

synthesizing with copper ion in the cells after it enters skin cells. Kojic acid and its derivative has better 

inhibitory effect on tyrosinase than any other skin whitening agents. At present it is assigned into various 

kinds of cosmetics for curing freckles, spots on the skin of old man, pigmentation and acne.

Main Function 

(1) Kojic acid is a kind of specialized inhibitor for melanin. At present it is assigned into various kinds of 

cosmetics for curing freckles,spots on the skin of old man,pigmentation and acne,skin whitening.

(2) Kojic acid can also eliminate free radical, strengthen cell activity of cell .

(3) Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

(4) Kojic acid can be used as a preservative and color protectant.keep the food fresh

(5) Kojic acid can be used to produce biological pesticide.



1.Applied in the cosmetic field.

2.Applied in food processing field.

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field.

4.Applied in agricultural field.