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Glabridin is a chemical compound that is found in the root extract of glycyrrhiza glabra.

Glycyrrhiza uralensis is one of the main flavonoids in glycyrrhiza uralensis.Glabridin has antioxidation 

and anti-free radical oxidation effect;It can inhibits the production of melanin, skin whitening;

Glabridin is widely cosmetic raw materials.



1.Glabridin  has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect;

2.Glabridin can inhibits the production of melanin, skin whitening;

3.Glabridin has antioxidation and anti-free radical oxidation effect;

4.Glabridin can reduce blood fat and blood pressure;



*Applied in cosmetics industry;

* Applied in medicine industry;

*Applied in health-care Products industry;

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